IFAF Rules Committee

IFAF Rules Committee


Errata for the 2023 rulebook

This list collects together the errors found in the originally published version of the 2023 rulebook (Release 0). The online version incorporates all these changes.

Rule Error Correct text Release

Rules changes: Major changes


Should read "6-5-4 Penalty"


Summary of differences between NCAA and IFAF rules

Rule 3-2-5 is no longer a difference

Text should now read:

"× (difference eliminated in minimum time for a play)"


Points of emphasis: "Uniform and equipment compliance"

"For 2022"

Should read "From 2022"


Points of emphasis: "Sportsmanship" section

Not all changed text was marked in blue.

The whole of this section should be in blue.


1-4-1 Diagram numbers backs "1-49" "0-49" 6

AR 3‑3‑5:XIII

Misspelling: "facemark"



4-2-4-c "they ... catches a forward pass" Should read "they ... catch a forward pass" 5
AR 6-3-11:III Ruling says "... with the down repeated." With the change to 9-3-4 penalty, this should read "... with an automatic first down awarded to it." 8


Change box does not surround Penalty statement, even though this is the part of the rule that has changed.

Change box should surround Penalty statement as well as rule text. Text is unchanged.


AR 7-3-4:II Penalty says "Repeat the down". Change to "Automatic first down" to reflect the change to Rule 9-3-4. 7

AR 9‑1‑6:IV

Repeated word "of"

Delete the second "of"


9‑2‑1‑a‑1 penalty

Unnecessary "[S47:DSQ]" at the end

Delete last "[S47:DSQ]"


Summary of penalties

"Illegal block by fair catch signaller" is incorrectly listed under 15-yard penalties.

"Illegal block by fair catch signaller" should be listed under 10-yard penalties.


Summary of penalties

"Forward pass illegally touched" is incorrect.

Under "loss of down" penalties, add "Forward pass illegally touched 16* 7 3 11 115".

Under 5-yard penalties, amend "Forward pass illegally touched" to include "(also loss of down)".


Summary of penalties

A penalty entry is missing.

Under 10-yard penalties, add "Holding or obstruction (defense) (first down) 42 9 3 4 146".


Summary of penalties

"Illegal block in the back (offense)" under 10-yard penalties

This should just be "Illegal block in the back".


The Release number can be found on the first page, e.g. 2023.2.2 signifies Release 2 of the 2023 edition of the IFAF (2) rulebook.