IFAF Rules Committee

IFAF Rules Committee


Errata for the 2017 rulebook

This list collects together the errors found in the originally published version of the 2017 rulebook. The online version incorporates all these changes.

Rule Error Correct text Ed
AR 9-1-14:I

"A10 is in a shotgun-type formation 7½ yards behind the snapper, ..."

"... since A10 is not at least 10 yards deep"

Under the change to Rule 2-16-10, this IS a scrimmage kick formation, which makes the Ruling incorrect.

"A10 is in a shotgun-type formation 5½ yards behind the snapper, ..."

"... since A10 is not at least 7 yards deep"

12-2-1-b-1-a "If the on-field ruling ..." "If any on-field ruling ... " 3
12-3-2-b Need to make clear that all 3 conditions must hold Add the word "and" to the end of sub-paras 1 and 2. 3
Penalty summary: When in Question rules Item 17 "Forcible contact and targeting defenseless opponent at or above the shoulders" refers to Rule 9-1-3.

Insert new item 17 "Forcible contact and targeting with crown of helmet" refering to Rule 9-1-3.

Renumber old item 17 to new item 18 and make refer to Rule 9-1-4.

Various Approved Rulings in Rules 3, 7 and 10

In the HTML version only, certain words were surrounded by codes - for example, "4mRule24m".

Note this was not an issue in the PDF (and therefore printed) version of the rulebook.

Words appear correctly 4